You’d like an app? Call and we can develop it together. These are some of our Android apps, available on Google Play.


If there is something you wish to note down quickly , something you need to remember, just open this app. You can quickly and easily make a note by writing by hand and save it. You can even share the note with your friends. See Google Play Store.


RateMate is a currency exchange rate apps. As with many apps, it allows you to check current exchange rates and do rate conversions, but RateMate also lets you set a pattern of automatic rate checks and will notify you when the rate has reached a value you have specified.
See Google Play Store.


RateMatePro adds extra features: select any currency, save favourites, chart historical data, get data from a greater variety of source options. See Google Play Store.


SumFun is a fun way to help kids learn their sums. Kids can choose an animal friend which will help them and do a music and dance routine after a number of correct answers. Those that progress to harder sums will get the opportunity to play the bubble-pop game. The app can be used by a child alone, sums presented automatically, or by a child and adult together, the adult setting a sum for the child to complete. SumFun is part of Google’s Designed For Families program. Please see our privacy policy.
See Google Play Store


SumFunFairy is like SumFun but with a selection of fairy friends. Get the right answers and see the fairies fly.
See Google Play Store


SumFunPrincess is like SumFun but with a selection of princesses who are ready to be friends. Get to know the princesses with their different pastimes and interests.
See Google Play Store


SumFunDino is like SumFun – but dinosaurs roam the Earth! Hear them roar!
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